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To Las
To Las 3 timmar sedan
I Broke Person
Shadow 6 timmar sedan
this link is not working 🥲😭
Sydney Nelmes
Sydney Nelmes 9 timmar sedan
I've been watching your videos forever but only just joined as a member now that i can afford it and will never regret that decision, love you mark from your #1 fan
Punkmonkton 10 timmar sedan
Hey mark i have an idea what about a Glitch with Markiplier like in reality or something
Shadan 11 timmar sedan
how do i connect my prime with youtube?/hj
Jade 13 timmar sedan
Raditz134 14 timmar sedan
I got to rainbow badge, but money is a little tight right now. Wish I could continue supporting the content 😢
Pandagamer 6721
Pandagamer 6721 15 timmar sedan
So cute!!!
Cassandra Stewart
Cassandra Stewart 16 timmar sedan
Since the whole "membership" thing started on youtube, I have been perfectly content with myself not being a member. Low blow throwing Chica content at me. It's seriously the first time I've been strongly tempted, and I may end up with a heart next to my name...
Galactic AND POPSB
Galactic AND POPSB 19 timmar sedan
i want to play among us with markiplier :D
RustyRules 12
RustyRules 12 21 timme sedan
I want to like video multiple times cuz I’m a broke ass teenager
「wantedで」 22 timmar sedan
Chica is my cousins name-
Jur Tasseron
Jur Tasseron Dag sedan
Lookin good!
Princess Lily Lemonz
Princess Lily Lemonz Dag sedan
Elle Hope
Elle Hope Dag sedan
yeah no, you lost the chance of my money when you advocated for violent riots.
Dawson Ross
Dawson Ross Dag sedan
I’d love to support you but Imma college student 🥲
Val E-V
Val E-V Dag sedan
mark might be the only youtuber ill join membership
NarutardG Dag sedan
I like this stock ✋💎🤚
Alexis Northup
Alexis Northup Dag sedan
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna Dag sedan
I didn't do it, I was in the docking bay!
Fazy Fox
Fazy Fox Dag sedan
As soon as I move to uni, I will buy this over food
Knubz Dag sedan
NInjaz Dag sedan
Quick question, when will heist two come out?
Jean-luc Dubois
Jean-luc Dubois Dag sedan
Did anyone else think that he was playing among us?? Or just me
dita day
dita day Dag sedan
Please play fragile?
The Best Dangerous Dan
The Best Dangerous Dan Dag sedan
Mark should make his own streaming service called: Markiplier+ that you pay 6.99$ a month.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Dag sedan
Only $5 to help make a Heist with Markiplier 2?! Hell yeah I'll pay that
carrot Dag sedan
"me in a bikini" Mark say no more.
carrot Dag sedan
no one skips Mark's ads.
Drakon Dag sedan
I can't join in my country😔
Hannahlynne Gallimore
Hannahlynne Gallimore Dag sedan
If you join after the videos are posted can you still watch them? I'm sorry I am unsure of how it all works!
Holo Piano
Holo Piano Dag sedan
I'm glad that he respects and understand that not all of us can help him. I wish I could, and if I could I would, but I don't have the economy for it
Baek SeulHyun
Baek SeulHyun 2 dagar sedan
Ohh I thought you were referring to Chica from FNAF.... I was gonna say you have a weird kink for wanting to pet Chica AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
ProbsJosh 2 dagar sedan
thanks for advertising your OnlyFans
shroudknight0707 2 dagar sedan
So much wasted confetti 🎊
Bhad Bozo
Bhad Bozo 2 dagar sedan
Tkid2 2 dagar sedan
GVP Gameplays
GVP Gameplays 2 dagar sedan
Pretty neat that he is still thinking of ideas to do.
Fairy Tailer1080
Fairy Tailer1080 2 dagar sedan
I would love to help but I just can't afford it right now. I feel bad for not being able to help but I don't have the money >.< I'm sorry mark >.
devon whitaker
devon whitaker 2 dagar sedan
Bro makes 10 to 20 millions bucks a year what does he need our help lmao
Lola m
Lola m 2 dagar sedan
OKAY BUT Mark in a bikini-
T0oty_Fruity !
T0oty_Fruity ! 2 dagar sedan
This is a little off topic but does anybody else think a Markiplier heist poster would be a cool idea
quantum disappointment
quantum disappointment 2 dagar sedan
Mark: There wont be any advantage of difference between members and not members theres no difference in content. Also mark: makes a video only for channel members.
BMB 1243
BMB 1243 2 dagar sedan
I have an idea. Ok hear me out, a strip club, but everyone there is Markiplier. And Markiplier leads you to the back room, to watch Markiplier videos. And here's what'll get a lot of people to join the membership, shirtless Markiplier in a thong. Bump those numbers right up I believe.
Allison Schnitzer
Allison Schnitzer 2 dagar sedan
can't wait for heist 2
Captain Jelly Boy
Captain Jelly Boy 2 dagar sedan
Is it weird how I thought he was playing among us? lol
david arellano barajas
david arellano barajas 2 dagar sedan
You should do a warfstash god, idk like say you die then you see markiplier with a warkstash undergarments in heaven... reaching to you... calling your name to join him...
david arellano barajas
david arellano barajas 2 dagar sedan
Kaitlin Schneider
Kaitlin Schneider 3 dagar sedan
I would but I just don’t have the money. I really wish I did though😭😭
Laura Kay
Laura Kay 3 dagar sedan
valeriie 3 dagar sedan
oh? you're a membership og? what was the video the heart badges first released? /s
Brian Doolittle
Brian Doolittle 3 dagar sedan
just joined :))
Braeden Bett
Braeden Bett 3 dagar sedan
your a great person markipplier, not many left
DJ Palisade
DJ Palisade 3 dagar sedan
Mark: We're over budget Lixian: *confetti*
DJ Palisade
DJ Palisade 3 dagar sedan
The like to dislike ratio is just awesome
Jennica Loyd
Jennica Loyd 3 dagar sedan
I👏have👏no👏money👏 I really wish I could though🥲
JuMmY Neutrin
JuMmY Neutrin 3 dagar sedan
Mark your a fucking multi millionaire
Toongi Squidy
Toongi Squidy 3 dagar sedan
Mark is starting to look more and more like Cr1tikal
Kirk Hester
Kirk Hester 3 dagar sedan
I don’t have any clever ideas, however, I just wanted to point out that we share a birthday and are exactly 1 year apart. Just something I thought was cool
DonnieBoi 3 dagar sedan
Hello :)
aiden alder
aiden alder 3 dagar sedan
can you play warframe
I don’t KnOw
I don’t KnOw 3 dagar sedan
Chica is still here yay!!
Nimal Perera
Nimal Perera 3 dagar sedan
Mark why aren't you playing with pewds and otv members. You only played once with jack?
Ink snas
Ink snas 4 dagar sedan
I can't really help but I'll watch all your videos
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 dagar sedan
Cereal Boi69
Cereal Boi69 4 dagar sedan
Mark Im sorry I can’t join I don’t have enough money Sorry
Owliio 4 dagar sedan
I want to see Mark proposing to Amy
OCULU games & craft
OCULU games & craft 4 dagar sedan
Original viewers know chica is all mighty and powerful then dark and I forgot jacks part lol
offdeathhug 13
offdeathhug 13 4 dagar sedan
I really would..but I’m broke 🍻
Tako Sakvarelidze
Tako Sakvarelidze 4 dagar sedan
My cats cuter
Dizzy D
Dizzy D 4 dagar sedan
Petting Chica fulfilled my quarantine dreams. She's the bestest doggo.
Dizzy D
Dizzy D 4 dagar sedan
Henry is a good boi too.
Krymsen Fire
Krymsen Fire 4 dagar sedan
People who want yo join but are broke RIP
Roya Yawar
Roya Yawar 4 dagar sedan
Your point is?
Riann13 4 dagar sedan
Chica pets are bestest pets
C3o2_TTV 4 dagar sedan
oh sure i get the notification 6 days later
Elijah Shelton
Elijah Shelton 4 dagar sedan
Make a lixan member emoji
dark rabbit
dark rabbit 4 dagar sedan
Sorry I can’t I don’t have the money to do it
Sean Tryson
Sean Tryson 4 dagar sedan
Leo Payton
Leo Payton 4 dagar sedan
feels good to help
Jinx Boo
Jinx Boo 4 dagar sedan
I had no idea I've been a member for over 2 years! Haha I have my rainbow badge ☺️
Tooslim2Shady 4 dagar sedan
6 round boxing match vs pewdiepie
Tracelynne Soileau
Tracelynne Soileau 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else thought that this was among us vid? 😂
Alice Watson
Alice Watson 4 dagar sedan
I really really wish I could become a member but I will support by watching as many vids as possible and watching all the ads love your content Mark always have and always will. If I'm ever able to become a member I will but in the mean time keep up the good workd
LunarStarFire 4 dagar sedan
Hm, I think Kick club should totally jump in and kick Markiplier >.>
Joel HARBER 4 dagar sedan
Days like this I wish I had money to give.
Sean Tryson
Sean Tryson 4 dagar sedan
nmkane 6768
nmkane 6768 4 dagar sedan
I thought this was an Among Us Video:(
Nightmare :D
Nightmare :D 4 dagar sedan
Im sorry to say this I want to snatch your hair off because im not used to seeing you with long hair so to me it looks like a wig (i also wish i had money to be a member though :c)
ROTCEH 4 dagar sedan
Katie Yankowski
Katie Yankowski 4 dagar sedan
I thought this was an among us video... I was sad until I realized I was hooked on what he was talking about.
Kittymeow 2000
Kittymeow 2000 4 dagar sedan
I can’t join:( I have no moneys
Wizardly RR
Wizardly RR 4 dagar sedan
Marks videos are the kind where you can just sit down and eat salmon while you watch
Eva Diener
Eva Diener 4 dagar sedan
If I have anything left after making my next college payment I will G I V E. I T. A L L. T O. C H I C A.
Katie Davidson
Katie Davidson 4 dagar sedan
I love your content so much
Elijah E
Elijah E 4 dagar sedan
Man I wish I had money so I could pet Chica
Alphy Star
Alphy Star 4 dagar sedan
Me wishing I could be a member but I have no money ; - ;
GavinsChannel 4 dagar sedan
This is not an among us video 😡😡😡😡😡 no I will not become a member for clickbate thumbnail and tittle good day sir 😡
Nats_ Illusions
Nats_ Illusions 4 dagar sedan
Give me like a year so I can get a well paying job 😅
Noob _
Noob _ 4 dagar sedan
me who pet chica in a heist with markiplier 31 times : i am 5 dimensions ahead of you
Kevin C
Kevin C 5 dagar sedan
This isnt an among us video...
Thief Simulator
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