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At Dead of Night sounds pretty standard for a horror game at first. A young woman is alone in a scary hotel trying not to die... but it quickly becomes so much more than that. I love this indie horror game and I think you will too.
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Phoenix 4 minuter sedan
I laughed so much during this. When I was amused & when I was scared........now I'm just confused. 🙈
nick udell
nick udell 52 minuter sedan
Like if that girl scared you
Beatriz Gomez
Beatriz Gomez Timme sedan
Me: not getting scared the whole video 52:30 : FUCK
ahh uhhh
ahh uhhh 2 timmar sedan
I would've went to his comedy show
Cheisa 2 timmar sedan
This kinda reminds me the horror game that I played when I was a Kid Called Hotel 626 sadly you can't play that game anymore.
BXXL G 2 timmar sedan
blannequins shennanigans
thomas wilson
thomas wilson 3 timmar sedan
Pro tip. If ya gonna play this look up the word turpentine. Feelsbad mark thought it was water on the bear.
Ookami Hime
Ookami Hime 3 timmar sedan
Turpentine is used for oil painting. Much like how you use water when painting with water colors or with acrylic paints, turpentine is an oil used when painting with oil paints.
GroovyBaby 4 timmar sedan
okay I genuinely cannot tell, is the opening shot with real people or is it just super impressive graphics? I'm so confused
Kaitlyn Chaney
Kaitlyn Chaney 4 timmar sedan
scawy SCAWY!
3pICTheAnimal 5 timmar sedan
I wish people would drop these corny editors and just stick with the older simplicity these types of vids used to have
X1Xander 6 timmar sedan
if your reading this I care for you and I recommend for you to go to sleep if you are tired and if you aren't motivated then I hope this comment will help you : ) have a great night or day im glad your here
Mr Mackey
Mr Mackey 6 timmar sedan
00:25 is that sims music?
SaitoSai 7 timmar sedan
This reminds me so much of _Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time._ Not saying that's a horror game, but it is one of those old point-and-click adventure games Markiplier mentions at 9:46 Though _Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time_ is definitely a classic worth playing.
stephanie terrazas
stephanie terrazas 8 timmar sedan
Visage has an update
Tshadowangel no.
Tshadowangel no. 8 timmar sedan
i dont see to many games that show irl acting mixed with the actual game itself haha this is amazing! the visuals both of the acting and the game are fantastic
jona cruz
jona cruz 9 timmar sedan
Stupid GAME for sleep man
Paolo Angeles
Paolo Angeles 10 timmar sedan
Good acting bill nye!
Amberr Yu
Amberr Yu 10 timmar sedan
Mitski be like: 29:16
Nosh55 565
Nosh55 565 10 timmar sedan
The zesty tin advisably haunt because dead independently tame an a deranged fang. woebegone, tight canvas
john shah
john shah 10 timmar sedan
Door and drawers semulator find the key.
Amberr Yu
Amberr Yu 10 timmar sedan
Mark should have watched the tutorial video he would have enjoyed watching it
Desirae Joyce
Desirae Joyce 11 timmar sedan
"Entertainment" XD plz
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez 11 timmar sedan
Anyone else hate how good the turning mechanic is? 🤡
Arrow Slip
Arrow Slip 12 timmar sedan
i thought this was a scary game
Jenna 12 timmar sedan
"Maybe this is all a lesson, like, ghosts aren't real" **Cries in Annus**
Zouly 12 timmar sedan
Is that real people or actually REALLY REALLY realistic graphics?
Diet Lampshade
Diet Lampshade 13 timmar sedan
Skweezyguy 13 timmar sedan
I'm just focusing on Bill Nye over here
Jakub Samosiuk
Jakub Samosiuk 13 timmar sedan
The receptionist was incredibly nice, and still he gets this kind of treatment
Suju Coconut
Suju Coconut 13 timmar sedan
so, Jimmy (Mr.Beast) is hiding some secrets ig. Maybe hes in debt.
Photog 14 timmar sedan
Amog us
Benjamin Plumb
Benjamin Plumb 14 timmar sedan
As soon as I saw Diazepam I immediately thought "Diazapam, that's valium, Tarmazpam, Lithium, HRT, ECT, How long must I stay on this stuff?" (Something Is Squeezing My Skull by Morrissey)
nexus gaming\ toy reviews
nexus gaming\ toy reviews 15 timmar sedan
I would've noped out of the hotel as soon as I saw the creepy ass door man
5y9h3r 15 timmar sedan
The jump scares in this game get me every damn time, I really feel Marks heart attack, my whole being jumps out of my skin and it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s not even that scary just beautifully crafted.
10/10 Game trailers
10/10 Game trailers 16 timmar sedan
5y9h3r 16 timmar sedan
That one little white pixel driving me insane at the bottom of the screen.
puppet master
puppet master 16 timmar sedan
Hey mark you probably already completed the game or already know this but if you are playing on a computer the shift button saves your game so you dont have to go to the menu all the time
James Chesney
James Chesney 16 timmar sedan
I read it as “a probably scary game”
ciy 18 timmar sedan
SPEED 20 timmar sedan
What a kind none threatening or creepy hotel manager
Nick 20 timmar sedan
Jimmy? Jimmy...HUGO......huuuuuuuuge jimmy!
Милан Николић
Милан Николић 21 timme sedan
The best game as of recent.
Daniel Dakpa
Daniel Dakpa 21 timme sedan
6:39 Markiplier: HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 22 timmar sedan
do you want to see a magic trick
WolfArmy_Gaming 22 timmar sedan
40:44 m0ment of realization.
Double up Jump
Double up Jump 22 timmar sedan
Bro this game has me scared for the first time in forever
WolfArmy_Gaming 22 timmar sedan
Mark 2019: Emotional Speeches Mark 2020: Wrath of the HeeHoo? Mark 2021: *"N0t dork, mi go in."*
432 369
432 369 22 timmar sedan
Man this was boring. 28 million subs for watching this dude. Twilight zone people
Brian Trillin
Brian Trillin 23 timmar sedan
Mark, you're so cool. Have a great day.
Nicklio Hume
Nicklio Hume Dag sedan
The entertaining dill infrequently confess because cinema posteriorly bolt per a daily frost. belligerent, grandiose mosque
Mr.MaccaMan Dag sedan
2:26 mans is lookin like a cross between current day Bill Nye and Matt Smith
Speed Flexie
Speed Flexie Dag sedan
is someone there voice sound like lara croft
ImADweebsVods Dag sedan
That jump scare Fucking Got me
Kerm The Germ
Kerm The Germ Dag sedan
The guy lowkey looks like Bill Nye the science guy
Snoe Leppard
Snoe Leppard Dag sedan
39:30 I nearly choked on my pretzel. 😱 Edit: Please do more of these! 😁
Haleigh Thrun
Haleigh Thrun Dag sedan
I am ✨stressed✨
Aotu 9
Aotu 9 Dag sedan
I swear I'd vomit if I were to play this game😅
Night Hawk
Night Hawk Dag sedan
0:06 Oh yes I came
Dan Enderby
Dan Enderby Dag sedan
you dont understand how many problems costal erosion produces for that hotel
Maari Axelson
Maari Axelson Dag sedan
did anyone else see The Shining Easter egg at 21:26
Rebecca 74
Rebecca 74 Dag sedan
"I'll call when I get there" "you can't, there's no signal" Me: "HOW ARE YOU CALLING THEN???"
Nightmare Chevalier
Nightmare Chevalier 4 timmar sedan
Red flag #1, my guess is that a Spirit carried the call through.
MNY Capricorn
MNY Capricorn Dag sedan
this style reminds me so much of hotel 626 🧐🧐🧐
InnerRise Dag sedan
Never heard
Michelle Carreon
Michelle Carreon Dag sedan
Watching horror game gameplays always have me in suspense with Markiplier like Ima die too, but then a random body wash ad pops out of nowhere and I feel safe again 😂😂
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Dag sedan
mark has grown lots of hair
Camden Sturgeon
Camden Sturgeon Dag sedan
*Me just waiting for the one door to have someone staring back through the key hole*
MaxFPS Dag sedan
Reminds me of that ps4 game Erica
No Name No Name
No Name No Name Dag sedan
Just my opinion I thought the entire play through was boring. I don’t know it felt slow. The characters all seem uninteresting or unlikable. It’s bizarre having full, normal, and clear conversations with ghosts through a sprit box, which basically never happens ever. A lot of reactions on the part of the main character, make no logical sense. The characters actions seem bizarre. Why start investigating when it would be more beneficial to leave and go for help? Idk, this game just doesn’t do it for me.
Livleigh Dag sedan
i love how from 22:57 - 23:10 Mark sounds like Seth Rogen
dubstep maker
dubstep maker Dag sedan
When mark said gosts aren't real I thought there was gonna be a ghost behind the door
Ellie Quinn
Ellie Quinn Dag sedan
As the video continued with nothing scary happening it was slowly getting more intense and honestly I jumped at everything
Y0CIE Dag sedan
Wow, never again am I holding my phone close to my face with headphon again...that BOO he did got me the most lmao!😂😭👌
Kristy Curtis
Kristy Curtis Dag sedan
Why does jimmy look like Bill the science guy
Green Green
Green Green Dag sedan
nearly had a heart attack, it's 1 am, lights off and the motherfucking laptop ran out of batteries
kenya c
kenya c Dag sedan
wait- who made google street view into a horror game??
YhYh Dag sedan
I thought “L.G” meant “Lower Genitals”. You know... as oppose to “Upper Genitals”
Emily B
Emily B Dag sedan
The things I do to watch scary videos: 1. listen to happy music 2. eat food 3. zoom way out so the video is tiny 4. take a break to watch a zoom tutorial?
xxkingxnatexcx Dag sedan
25:20 mark says n word
Tristan Gutierrez
Tristan Gutierrez Dag sedan
If you want to skip Mark going through every room and want to get to the actual story of the game, skip ahead to 46:00
Panundrum Dag sedan
Lol I say cool Beans all the time, I thought it was just a Boston thing. Then I heard Markiplier say it. hah
Velda Aldridge
Velda Aldridge Dag sedan
are these graphics or real people!?
Velda Aldridge
Velda Aldridge Dag sedan
cool! Never saw that in a game
Ansley Pants
Ansley Pants Dag sedan
I’m prettyyyy sure it’s real people.
Elise Reid
Elise Reid Dag sedan
No, no the jump-scare didn't scare me, accept when he was in a pitch black room, AND A FUCKING ADD STARTED WITCH MADE ME JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN.
laila gallagher
laila gallagher Dag sedan
Camokittie Dag sedan
Can we just appreciate that the face cam moves so you can read things and see scenes 😭 it annoys me so much when smth gets cut off
Gaming Email
Gaming Email Dag sedan
Watching Mark not realize that the compass is SLOWING MOVING, but is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, so never really figures out "how do you work compass?" LOL
dubstep maker
dubstep maker Dag sedan
Boo I'm mark
CateDoge Dag sedan
Hotel 626 > this.
Moon Lilly
Moon Lilly Dag sedan
Scary music: *instensifies* My volume: 📉
Imogen Dag sedan
Mark after finding childs purse: yeah this game seems to be British. Me whose genuinely 100% british: yeah I had a purse that was that EXACT one as a kid. I'm kinda creeped out, LMAO.
sophieee l
sophieee l Dag sedan
me hiding in the comments
EvilBunnyBoy Dag sedan
When he said ‘Big dick ghost energy or small dick energy’ who else understood what he meant because I did
Cole Wallner
Cole Wallner Dag sedan
why does this remind me slightly of the shining?
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi Dag sedan
This game is incredibly scary and nothing really happend at all
allycat871 Dag sedan
I'm watching this at like 1am in bed and in the dark. Every time u turn a corner, I look away incase there's a jumpscare
Arrii Dean
Arrii Dean Dag sedan
32:02 I stretched and yelled out at this exact moment 😭😭
Amanda P
Amanda P Dag sedan
It's like real life Luigi's Mansion 3
Carlo V.
Carlo V. 2 dagar sedan
I loved time crisis. even had a controller that looked like a gun for the PS2
Andrew Gariando
Andrew Gariando 2 dagar sedan
Kelly B
Kelly B 2 dagar sedan
2:27 BILL NYE?!
Umi Kalsom
Umi Kalsom 2 dagar sedan
Me :scared shitless Scroll through comment Time to back out and do heist I like that a lot I hope Mark make more
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