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There is nothing here... Do not take your eyes away from the red fridge... Just go to your Lost Room and enjoy the latest episode of 3 Scary Games!
EDITED BY ► LIXIAN sepost.info
There is Nothing here ► tbitcoding.itch.io/there-is-nothing
Lights, Camera, Slaughter ► disrate.itch.io/lights-camera-slaughter
Do not take your eyes away from the red fridge ► co5monaut.itch.io/do-not-take-your-eyes-away-from-the-red-fridge
Lost Room ► indie-ru.itch.io/lostroom
Scary Games Playlist ► sepost.info/vision/PL3tRBEVW0hiBSFOFhTC5wt75P2BES0rAo
Horror Outro ► soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted

Emberlynn Crom
Emberlynn Crom 5 timmar sedan
i went of the video to comment for a second and now im scared the fridge is gonna be closer when i go back
Emberlynn Crom
Emberlynn Crom 5 timmar sedan
hey i doubt anyone will see this comment but i'm bored and lonely so if you just wanna have a conversation i would love that!❤ i'll be up all night with my notifications on.
Reina Fritz
Reina Fritz 8 timmar sedan
I got an amber alert while watching this right at the peak of a suspense part and almost had a fuckin heart attack
Kody Crawford
Kody Crawford 9 timmar sedan
Was I supposed to be scared what happened
Casey Clark
Casey Clark 9 timmar sedan
Ok that intro scared me
Snoe Leppard
Snoe Leppard 9 timmar sedan
The fridge one reminds me of the game Control.
poyo poyo
poyo poyo 11 timmar sedan
Lol i havent watch this in so long
Klipz coderr
Klipz coderr 12 timmar sedan
iDoTrends GACHA
iDoTrends GACHA 14 timmar sedan
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 16 timmar sedan
65 3 scary games videos later, these cheap jumpscares, sorry, yumpscurrs, don't scare me at all amymore. sorry mark
Epic the Orca
Epic the Orca 17 timmar sedan
The one with the red fridge is like a new SCP.
j.Bautista Lattini
j.Bautista Lattini 18 timmar sedan
23:45 markiplier e.x.e has stopped working
Hayfa Ariana Nor Fairul Azraf
Hayfa Ariana Nor Fairul Azraf 22 timmar sedan
She's been there done that for the rest are the ones you want it back up there in time out there who can do that too early to bed early last 🌃 at the end of it is to get my car in front if you want to be in the morning or afternoon with the girls are going through ur day off today too much time with me in regards to all of them and the rest are you doing now 👶 is born of the African American you want me too and you are the only thing you have the best thing ever invented a new phone 🔢 and the kids and I don't think it was the best way I do that too late and you don't know how much do I know your funnle to be the one who was it the same way about anyone in my car is still there and 🔙 to sleep in your room number is this what I said that you have the best thing that is so much better now though and we will get better at this 👉 of being able bodied the time I have a legendary status about the other night and the rest of your day so much fun and games and a half inch from my phone was in a little while to reply back on it too easy to do with my dad and he has to work with a few hours of work to do with my family and friends I have no 💡 why run the whole thing to say to me when I was thinking of the day after tomorrow morning and the kids were all in my head in a little while longer to do that again I am going to be with you until you see me today and
Hayfa Ariana Nor Fairul Azraf
Hayfa Ariana Nor Fairul Azraf 22 timmar sedan
Hi get to the party is on a date to go back to work on that day was a great night with the girls were in town this morning I woke up and get it back 👆 the good stuff in it and it was a bit of a good time and where are you going with the 👪 and friends I have been there done that before we 👈 at home or at work now so we could get it from me to do the work and 🏫 is a very long and even though you don't want to be a great time in my car and then we have wi I was just wondering if we are not the one that has to get the 💰 to pay my 📱 and I love your voice is just a few weeks and then the rest is history is a little more about it for you guys doing anything tonight or tomorrow if I was going through yet another reason why I didn't want to be in a little while and then the rest of our lives together and have fun tonight with me in regards to the hospital to have the best for you too baby and I 😍 stuff like that one time and it will be the one I had a blast with me to get it from the start date for you to be there in time to time to time and y to be with you until you
Hayfa Ariana Nor Fairul Azraf
Hayfa Ariana Nor Fairul Azraf 22 timmar sedan
Wait hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiii markkkkkkkkkiiiiipppppppppppllllllliiiiiieeeeerrrrr
brenda 23 timmar sedan
Katsu Shepherd
Katsu Shepherd Dag sedan
that picture at the beginning was the scariest thing in this video
spider soul67
spider soul67 Dag sedan
i wasn't scared by anything but one thing.... The lighter in the corner of the screen TvT
Slycooper14 Dag sedan
23:45 i forbid that! and i knew better than to think it was over. let's give it up for lixian and his amazing and horrifying editing skills! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
kerry and jake.1
kerry and jake.1 Dag sedan
Ffffffff kerry is markiplierisntreal
kerry and jake.1
kerry and jake.1 Dag sedan
Not real Markiplier jumpscare
Hannah Frank
Hannah Frank Dag sedan
8:56 my local library had a few benches outside of it, and they got stolen 💀
A M Dag sedan
The uncanny valley in the beginning was legitimately spoopy
King Slayer
King Slayer Dag sedan
Is no ones gonna talk about how his eye literary malfunctioned at 23:46 🤣
Angelia Martinez
Angelia Martinez Dag sedan
eef Dag sedan
Mark: They?! They?! Who's they?! Me eating icecream: haha I'm in danger
Jade Rush
Jade Rush Dag sedan
22:51 I really thought he was just commenting on the situation there with that *L* out of nowhere. Bruh. I can't see anything. Rip. L. - -Technoblade- Markiplier, probably *AS YOUR FATHER I EXPRESSLY FORBID IT* This entire bit was hilarious. Lixian is precious.
Emma Kelly
Emma Kelly Dag sedan
Holy crap the intro usually doesn’t spook me but this time it did omg lol good job!
Felix’s_Freckles Dag sedan
Is anyone else getting that thickkk among us add?
Cult Of Bird
Cult Of Bird Dag sedan
you lied. This is 4 scary games
Donovan Omahedbo Kemani
Donovan Omahedbo Kemani Dag sedan
OH 60 miles PFT we went from oakland to lake tahoa 200 MILES for me
That One Dude
That One Dude Dag sedan
Someone needs to do the jumpscare timestamps
Mansur estes
Mansur estes Dag sedan
Saucysuprimeruler flapjack
Saucysuprimeruler flapjack Dag sedan
didnt IGP create this idea for his channel. and other youtuber just took for their own. Hopefully not but..... Also Mark my boy. what happen to you i leave you for a year to watch some Jackcepticeye and IGP and other youtubers and you look like As if Jesus started a SEpost channel.
Megan Varas
Megan Varas Dag sedan
I was just waving when I saw the face coming up
Weeb Boi
Weeb Boi Dag sedan
I guess Drew wasn’t railing Synthia
Weeb Boi
Weeb Boi Dag sedan
Wait I’ve already commented this lmao
Tiny_Mimikyu_Boi Dag sedan
I'm not scared I'm I'm laughing extremely hard right now MARKYPLIER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
jackson the gamer
jackson the gamer Dag sedan
naaaaah i ain't fooling your tricks mark hahaa
Kirseu 64
Kirseu 64 Dag sedan
"or we're recording as we murder, which is very hard to do" Mark... Mark? How do you know this? Mark answer me--
where ?
where ? Dag sedan
When mark said “KKHCGUGH” i felt that
dy 2 dagar sedan
Showed my grandpa from the Vietnam war the intro and he started shouting they're in the trees
Chloe 2 dagar sedan
Something about the last game had me cackling and don't even get me started on that one jump scare I-
BRYCE BB 2 dagar sedan
Lol ur awesome
BRYCE BB 2 dagar sedan
You know since this whole pandemic started I’ve been really upset and wanting my life to pass by to I can get older Just wanted to say Mark you and Jack are awesome and one of the many things in my life at the moment that really make me want to take everything slowly and enjoy what I have You both let me know that everything is going to be okay
danielmcael 2 dagar sedan
game: do not take your eyes away from the red fridge mark: how bout i do anyway?
PlzAdoptMeDanAndPhil yeet
PlzAdoptMeDanAndPhil yeet 2 dagar sedan
there is nothing here reminds me of pt like dang
Potato ;-;
Potato ;-; 2 dagar sedan
23:45 Omfg I almost knocked my iPad chips and lamp of my desk
Internet Noob
Internet Noob 2 dagar sedan
10:07 Weeeell, it could have been someone getting an unexpected period :^|
いきひんひな. 2 dagar sedan
Bray Gamez
Bray Gamez 2 dagar sedan
Why can mark make something scary so fucking funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ 2 dagar sedan
I used to be in a band called “This is the End”. I love that name.
Snoops Boops
Snoops Boops 2 dagar sedan
The way these people make things scary without using lots detail or textures show the ingenuity of the creators magic
Alaris wozniarski
Alaris wozniarski 2 dagar sedan
Jax McCaulin
Jax McCaulin 2 dagar sedan
Markiplier: E
By freddy
By freddy 2 dagar sedan
Fuck 00:43
Gxldn 3 dagar sedan
Does anyone know that the fridge game is actually based on a object of power from the game control ?😂 I just found that out playing control again
Mackenzy Bradley
Mackenzy Bradley 3 dagar sedan
the first one i read there is nutting here 😂😂😂😳
SuperMichealGaming / Lets-Plays
SuperMichealGaming / Lets-Plays 3 dagar sedan
0:49 I read that as "There is Nutting here" for a *s e c o n d*
AiErudito __-_-__
AiErudito __-_-__ 3 dagar sedan
Rouge the bat girl
Rouge the bat girl 3 dagar sedan
U awesome Mark, so funny and cool
Braeden Pelton
Braeden Pelton 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who at the beginning when he said let's go into the nothing, wanted him to say and/or scream into the unknown afterwards? Just me. Okay
fryguyspy 007
fryguyspy 007 3 dagar sedan
why the hell does he sound like the annoucer from bfdi?
Bubble Gore
Bubble Gore 3 dagar sedan
Kenneth & Carolyn Adams
Kenneth & Carolyn Adams 3 dagar sedan
tyler not so joseph
tyler not so joseph 3 dagar sedan
I appreciate you always coming to our rescue from the Mark-hybrid monsters, Lixian
Antonio Aguirre
Antonio Aguirre 3 dagar sedan
Телевизорите bg 22
Телевизорите bg 22 3 dagar sedan
No one not even a single soul The thumbnail
Juho Kotiharju
Juho Kotiharju 3 dagar sedan
THE END ID NEAR. well yes if u speed up the vid
Wizard Affairs
Wizard Affairs 3 dagar sedan
Ya Boi Mothman
Ya Boi Mothman 3 dagar sedan
That wasn't a door, that was an end portal Those were endermen
Jack Raiden
Jack Raiden 3 dagar sedan
22:22 died at this part. He sounds like fucking Gandalf.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 3 dagar sedan
Me: turns up brightness Also me: regrets immediately
beomxgyeom 4 dagar sedan
Marks becoming a dilf
Horror_nerdXtreme 4Life
Horror_nerdXtreme 4Life 4 dagar sedan
2:29 me after this semesters worth of college classes; but also add tears. And Squidward when he finishes that one piece of sheet music.
Dani does videos my guy
Dani does videos my guy 4 dagar sedan
are we going to ignore the fact that the intro to all of these are amazing and he changes them every time
Tom Battrick
Tom Battrick 4 dagar sedan
I'm a bit late to this vid but this was actually hilarious, I loved every second of it!
Sogou Choi
Sogou Choi 4 dagar sedan
23:06 to 23:09 😂😂😂 If u pause it at 23:45 💀💀😱😱
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart 4 dagar sedan
When he screamed E at 3:00 that was the perfect time to use the Markiplier E meme
mason frederick
mason frederick 4 dagar sedan
nice mullet
GlitterNinjaPrinsess thatsme
GlitterNinjaPrinsess thatsme 4 dagar sedan
Man I love Lixian
Mr. PackOpener
Mr. PackOpener 4 dagar sedan
Me when I check my missing assignments: 0:43
BRANGOD 5605 5 dagar sedan
unus annus UNUS ANNUS
Nico 5 dagar sedan
the beginning was scarier then any of the games
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 5 dagar sedan
That was seriously the most disturbing opening you've ever done. No joke. Kudo's to the chef.
Alexander Howard
Alexander Howard 5 dagar sedan
the fridge you cannot look away from sounds like it would be a scp
ScienceChick 5 dagar sedan
I would imagine the fifth tire is the spare, I’m not sure why else there would be five
Jade Rush
Jade Rush Dag sedan
Ye, I actually thought it was normal to have a set of five.
DefinatlyNotAPotato 5 dagar sedan
That intto gave me nightmares
Allison Ramboz
Allison Ramboz 5 dagar sedan
I-is- is your refrigerator running?
Noah Auden
Noah Auden 5 dagar sedan
Lixian:Defender of the realm
THAToneGAMERgirl 5 dagar sedan
the intro did not scare me because i watch to much horror movies ;-;
C h e e s e
C h e e s e 5 dagar sedan
4:22 Me and the boys in Creative Mode
Fadi Dankiha
Fadi Dankiha 5 dagar sedan
Dont cuss lie bully or be sarcastic it might/could be a sin but it's forgivable because of Gods and Jesus love compassion mercy grace kindness glory and so much more Dont use Gods name in vain and Jesus's name in vain it is a sin but it's forgivable because of Gods and Jesus love compassion mercy grace kindness glory and so much more God loves you he made everything and I do too since I'm preaching to you. be sure to have faith believe and trust God and his son Jesus and repent of your sins so that when he comes back you may be saved. and all sins are forgiveable (except blasphemy aganist the holy spirit) because of Jesus sacarfice on the cross and because God is kind graceful and loving and forgiving and graceful and so much more and dont worship the anti chirst when he comes he will force the world to worship and give them a mark And if your gonna start reading the bible I reccomend John. I'm not trying to annoy anyone. God is loving kind forgiving compassionate graceful merciful glorious powerful they are amazing and you can still turn to them Glory to God! . And I'm not forcing you by the way God did give us free will 😎👍 But it is better to know God and Jesus before he comes back with wrath And start today if you would like to Have a great day And also the moon is rusting or turning red ever hear of that? That came from the bible Revelation 6:12 ESV When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood And Jesus was nailed onto a cross because of our sins and he lived a perfect and sinless life and he isnt mad that we were the reason he died on the cross, after he died he was brought back to life and he wants us to put our faith in him and to trust his sacarfice so when we die we can enter Heaven and know him. Have a Great day! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Alex Rollingstone
Alex Rollingstone 5 dagar sedan
19:20 nononono guys we don’t say Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica. We now say, Bunny, Book, Buitar
Narwhalz 5 dagar sedan
The most funniest scary game ever! The indulging one got me laughing nonstop 🤣
BeanSproot 5 dagar sedan
14:40 is it just me or does that noise sound like the beginning of get down with the sickness?
Khalia Horta
Khalia Horta 5 dagar sedan
•Tøasty Trøubles•
•Tøasty Trøubles• 5 dagar sedan
23:45 You know a game's good when the headphones get scared
Project BlueberryMuffin
Project BlueberryMuffin 5 dagar sedan
His intros are gradually getting better
BAM THE GREAT 5 dagar sedan
"E!" -Markiplier, every single day of his life
Lilly M.
Lilly M. 5 dagar sedan
Nobody: Samantha: *...*
bbstrツ 5 dagar sedan
23:44 OMG!
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